A CLEARer MD is a better educator? By Dr. Irwin Lim

Oct 2, 2012 No Comments John Brownlee

Dr. Irwin Lim, a rheumatologist in Sydney, is our first provider partner in Australia. He’s been making some great content with his iPhone and clear.md subscription. In particular, Dr. Lim has focused on making content to package into “vidscriptions” (video prescriptions). You can see some examples here.

Dr. Lim talks about this experience in a blog post he created today:

How do I condense complicated medical explanations into less than 1 minute? The answer is to break down the topic into smaller snippets, to help answer specific questions. These snippets of video can then be organised into specific sections called Vidscriptions.

What’s great about this approach is that he is focused on making videos for his patients, and using them in his practice. This compliments the “connected care” approach to his practice. It is certain to help his current patients and engage new patients.

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