Directing the Provider for

Sep 6, 2012 No Comments Eric Groves

As the person behind the camera, it is your job to make sure that the camera is recording and the subject is ready and able to provide great content.

1) Have a list of topics ready for the provider.  Break down bigger topics into smaller, more specific topics such as symptoms, treatment, tests, etc. You don’t want to have a script for them, just prompt them with a topic and let the provider talk.

2) Get to know the provider.  Talk to them beforehand so they are comfortable talking to you.

3) Before you record, be sure the provider is ready, just by asking.

4) Shoot the “profile video” first.  This lets the provider get used to the camera.

5) While recording each topic, be sure to listen for technical terms and concepts, such as angioplasty.  If one comes up, ask them to make another video explaining the term.

6) If you or the subject don’t like a video, delete it immediately and re-shoot.

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