Recording Audio for

Sep 6, 2012 No Comments Eric Groves

Good audio for your video is absolutely needed. Without good audio, your patients will not be able to understand you. Here are some instructions to ensure good audio.

1) Use the lavalier mic that is provided in the mobile studio kit. Make sure it is securely plugged into the iPhone with the mic adaptor that is also provided.

2) Make sure there are no electrical cords touching the lavalier cable. Electricity can interfere with the audio signal, causing distortions and buzzing.

3) Hide the cable underneath the subject’s clothes. The black cable does not look good hanging out.

4) Clip the lavalier mic on the subject’s collar, 6 inches below his mouth. Position the mic so it’s pointing upwards.

5) Shoot a test video. After recording, play it back to make sure the microphone is working and the audio is flawless.


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