“Watch These Videos And Call Me In The Morning” – Irish Medical Times, Sept 27,2012

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“Searching for health information online is the third-biggest use of the Internet, behind email and using a search engine… 80 per cent of Internet users search for health information online. The reason they are doing that is because they are augmenting the lack of time they get with their physician, their GP. People are craving Read more…

Minneapolis Startup Launches Global Video Content Play – Tech.mn, July 24, 2012

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Unlike YouTube where anyone can play doctor, or even the more niche sites like Web.md with vertically focused yet generic consumer heath content, Clear’s angle is strictly short form video from qualified professionals around specific granular topics. Click HERE to go to the article

Health video startup launches aiming to be as ubiquitous as YouTube (video) – MedCityNews, July 26, 2012

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It’s all about making “meaningful connections” that empowers both patients and physicians, explains Clear.MD founder and CEO John Brownlee in Minneapolis. And a paid beta customer of Clear.MD, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, couldn’t agree more. Click HERE to go to the article

A great blog about clear.md from healthcaresuccess.com

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It’s always great when you realize that people outside your company are “getting it”. Meaning, the value proposition is starting to gel. This great blog by Stewart Gandolf received a good deal of traction and we actively tracked the uptick in traffic the day it was posted. Stewart obviously thought this through, and I was Read more…